We are honored to recommend you sports and recreation facilities of hotel “Dijamant” Bileća who’s overall infrastructure, content and facilities are unique in our region.


Furnished and equipped by international sports standards, with all primary and supporting facilities, and as such is suitable for sports and recreational activities of athletes and recreation lovers.


Furnished and equipped to satisfy the needs of all users from recreation lovers to athletes. With the latest equipment, you will be able to practice at a very affordable price. Thus, the training by the highest standards is no longer a privilege of selected.


High quality tennis clay courts are placed within hotel “Dijamant”. Tennis academy is active during the summer, and in winter is held in sports hall.


Dry sauna (85-90°C) is most common. Hot air warms up the body and accelerated sweating. It helps relax muscles, cleanse and refresh the body and spirit.

We are delighted that we can offer a unique program that includes sports facilities for:

  • football,
  • handball,
  • basketball,
  • volleyball,
  • tennis,
  • table tennis.

There are bath cabins, toilet, dressing rooms for man and woman and lockers.

The fundamental goal of all of sports and beauty program is exploring and gaining new friends, socialize and develop the most positive relationships between people, expansion and strengthening of a positive atmosphere, as a basic prerequisite for success and happiness in life.

All informations and reservations on phone numbers:

viber +387 66 093 870 / +387 66 212 892